Miroslav CUC Cuchal

Violin, vocals.

He plays a violin. 

Outgoing, calm, very friendly and analytical opportunist in the sign of Gemini. He sees all his friends and there are thousands of them, so he almost never has a time. He likes motorcycles and adrenaline. 

His music database contains countless unclassifiable genres. He can do almost anything. 

Ctirad SAM Staněk

Banjo, vocals.

He plays banjo Gibson RB49 Earl Scruggs Classic 1998. 

Friendly and melancholic traveler in the sign of Pisces. Communicates with thousands of people on all social networks. He likes and knows cars very well, so he is an excellent driver. His database of bluegrass music is endless. He knows 275,000 instrumental compositions in which others do not orientate themselves at all. 

František FANNY Pastor

Guitar, vocals. 

He plays a guitar. 

Visual type, inexhaustible organizer. Conflicting but friendly in sign of Cancer. He relies on intuition, loves French wines and France. He has a lot of brothers and sister, he likes sports and is able to grow a huge amount of vegetables, but without meat he would not survive. His database of his own unfinished compositions is endless, but the others do not orient themselves in it. 

Albína BIBI Pethsová

Dobro (single-cone resonator guitar), vocals. 

She plays a dobro. 

Unclassifiable with its African genes. Patient diplomat with friendly distance in sign of Capricon. 

Conspiratorial and immaterial type. She loves reading books and still buys more and more.... 

BIBI shares a house with FANNY.

Čestmír ČENDA Fiala

Bass guitar.

He plays a bass guitar. 

Wild and unbounded protector of animals in sign of Gemini. 

Corporate style is not his cup of coffee. He shares a house with a lot of beautiful cats.